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Aerodrome magazine is a free annual magazine, first published in 1998, that was originally sent to members of FOSA. Over the years the circulation has grown to well over 12,000 copies sent to FOSA members, pilots, local authorities, local businesses and aerodrome visitors and users.

Selected articles from past issues are now available here. Complete PDFs of each issue will be added in due course - for the time being, just Issue 1 and Issue 2 are is available in PDF format (~4.5Mb downloads each).

18 Summer 2011Sywell Aero Club
18 Summer 2011Biggles Biplane flies again!
17 Summer 2010History of the All-Weather Runway 1997-2010
17 Summer 2010Building the Runway
17 Summer 2010The All-Weather Runway
17 Summer 2010The Runway Team
15 Summer 2008Hunting and Flying
14 Summer 2007The Third AT3 Ferry Flight
14 Summer 2007Rookie AT3 Racers
13 Summer 2006The First AT3 Ferry Flight
13 Summer 2006Sywell Pageants
13 Summer 2006All aboard the Funbus!
12 Summer 2005From cockpit to cockpit
12 Summer 2005Sywell Aircraft - Percival Prentice
12 Summer 2005Recollections of Sywell
12 Summer 2005A Touch of National Service
11 Summer 2004'Indyanna' Morgan & Co!
11 Summer 2004Learning to fly a helicopter
10 Winter 2003From Sywell to Search and Rescue
10 Winter 2003Sywell Aircraft - Comper Swift
8 Summer 2002Sywell's Royal Visitors
8 Summer 2002Slingsby T.38 Grasshopper
8 Summer 2002Denton RLG
8 Summer 2002Sywell Aircraft - DH60 Moth
7 Winter 2001Sywell Characters - Bob Crowhurst
7 Winter 2001Airfield Defences @ Sywell
7 Winter 2001Sywell Aircraft - C172 series
7 Winter 2001Day in the Life of an Air Ambulance Pilot
7 Winter 2001Flight Training of a different kind
6 Summer 2001Jodels and Robins at Sywell
6 Summer 2001In Memory of Paul Morgan
5 Winter 2000Sywell and its Tigers
4 Summer 2000Pilot Officer Jimmy Corfield
4 Summer 2000Dominie G-AKRP
3 Autumn 1999Sywell Characters - Ash
3 Autumn 1999Auster G-AJRB
3 Autumn 1999Messenger G-AKIN
2 Spring 1999Sywell Characters - Linnell Brothers
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Aerodrome Magazine - 90th Anniversary Edition
5th November 2018

The special 90th anniverary edition of Aerodrome magazine is now available, pick up your free copy at the Aviator Hotel or click here to read more