Airfield Status

Fixed wing ops: OK OK    Helicopter ops: OK OK

Runway in use: 21R, circuit direction: RH, closing at: 1800.

Information current as of 17:53 on 15/05/2020 (local).

Additional information


As of the 15th May, Government Coronavirus advice means that recreational GA flying is now allowed. Only solo flights, or flights where everyone is from the same household is permitted.

As a result, Sywell Aerodrome is now open for resident aircraft flights only not requiring the use of a Licensed Aerodrome adhering to Government advice. Therefore they will be no AFIS or RFFS cover for the immediate future.

All resident aircraft are to operate off the grass runways only for the time being, as the concrete runway 03L/21R and taxyway Alpha are unavailable at the present time.


CAUTION WIP SE CORNER new taxyway Alpha extension and Blister hangar construction  

Unofficial Weather -  -

Weather Warnings - -

Helicopter Circuit ~ -

RFF Category ~ -

AD ~ Not available to aircraft requiring a Licensed Aerodrome UFN

Sunset ~ -

Blades Flying Programme ~ See below

RNAV (GNSS) Instrument Approach Slots ~ The ATZ will be sterilised prior to the commencement of any IAP. All aircraft will need to land or leave the ATZ prior to an IAP.

Booked slots and aircraft type;

(To follow)

Aerodrome Warnings;  

1. All Fixed wing & Microlight pilots departing on runways 21R, 21L and 23 are requested to climb straight

ahead to 500 feet before turning

2. Spare

3. A Quadcopter will fly over Sywell Reservoir weekdays 1330-1440 max height 300' AGL

4. All grass runways closed due soft surfaces or standing water. Access to private hangars closed.

5. New AFIS telephone number 01604 801630

6. Spare

7. CAUTION; Building 250m in the undershoot to Rwy 03R

8. Spare

NOTAMS. Pilots are responsible for making a more comprehensive check.

1.   Spare

2.   Spare

3.   Spare

4.   Spare

5.   Spare

6.   Spare

7.   Spare

8.   Spare

2 Excel Programme (Aerobatics may take place during AFIS hours 3nms radius ARP up to 5000' AGL UK AIP AD2-EGBK-1-5 Para 4e refers) No movements permitted during displays.) 


SLOT 1 1100-1120; SLOT 2 1300-1320; SLOT 3 1500-1520 (all times local)



Aerodrome Events

Please see the events page.


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