Airfield Status

Fixed wing ops: OK OK    Helicopter ops: OK OK

Runway in use: 21, circuit direction: RH, closing at: 1800.

Information current as of 08:22 on 27/05/2017 (local).

Additional information


Sat 27th May 2017


Met Observation   0820  140/09 CAVOK QNH 1010 QFE 995 +18/+13

Met Warnings ~   Thunderstorm are expected to affect the airfield at times. Valiad until 271200 

Helicopter Circuit ~ LH

RFFS Category ~ 1

Sunset ~ 2107

Warnings (See below for 2 Excel programme) ~  

1. All Fixed wing & Microlight pilots departing on runways 21R, 21L and 23 are requested to climb straight

ahead to 500 feet before turning

2. Rwy 15/33 now PERM closed due to hangar construction in the SE corner (L5360/16)

3. A Quadcopter will fly over Sywell Reservoir weekdays 1330-1440 max height 300' AGL

4. Rwy 03L/21R WIP AGL installation

5. Rwys 03R/21L & 05/23 closed at times due to WIP on new grass runway 14/32 eastern side of AD (NOTAM L1836/17)

6. Please avoid trampling freshly chalked markings and avoid running up engines to high power in front of runway designators.

7. Fri 26th & Sat 27th May ~ Aerobatic Training days ~ Friday - 1130-1210, 1330-1410, 1430-1510. Saturday, 1000-1040, 1130-1210, 1300-1340, 1430-1510. No movements permitted during each session (See NOTAM L2706/17)  

8. New Grass Rwy 14/32 now marked, awaiting Licensing.

9. Rwy 03L/21R New PERM Runway edge, threshold and touchdown lights installed. Exercise caution when turning or vacating this runway.

10. Revised Helicopter Joining Procedures. See NOTAM L0885/17 PERM

NOTAMS. Pilots are responsible for making a more comprehensive check.

1.   Cranfield strictly 24 Hr PPR due staffing issues Valid to 1830 30th June (L1878/17) 

2.   Spare

3.   Spare

4.   East Midlands are now a provider of a LARS. Revised SSR codes See Notam B0588/17 & C1744/17

2 Excel Programme (Aerobatics may take place during AFIS hours 3nms radius ARP up to 5000' AGL UK AIP AD2-EGBK-1-5 Para 4e refers) No movements permitted during displays.) 


SLOT 1 1100-1120; SLOT 2 1300-1320; SLOT 3 1500-1520 (all times local)

Mon 29th May - Nothing Planned

Tues 30th May - Nothing Planned

Weds 31st May - Slot 1

Thurs 1st June - Slot 2 & 3

Fri 2nd May - Slot 1 & 2

Sat 27th May - Displaying at Duxford

Sun 28th May - Displaying at Duxford

Aerodrome Events

Please see the events page.


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