Sywell Primary School avoid

To All Fixed Wing and Micro Light Pilots using Sywell Aerodrome

In the interests of good relations with the local community, Sywell Aerodrome asks Pilots when taking off from 21R, 21L and 23 to please make a normal climb out straight ahead to 500 feet before making a turn. This should ensure that you are clear of Sywell primary school.

Many thanks for your co-operation

The Management, Sywell Aviation Ltd

Flight Protocol

Flight protocol map

  1. Within the ATZ all pilots shall avoid overflying settlements and noise sensitive areas (Overstone, Mears Ashby, Moulton Hardwick, Hannington, Walgrove, Orlingbury and where possible Sywell village).
  2. On take off pilots shall adopt standard noise abatement procedure to reduce engine power and to turn on track as soon as it is safe to do so.
  3. Pilots shall avoid unnecessary engine warming and prolonged taxiing.
  4. In the interests of noise abatement arriving aircraft shall be permitted to join the circuit on base leg or long final where safe to do so.
  5. Helicopter traffic shall integrate with fixed wing aircraft in the circuit, to be flown at 1000ft AGL.
  6. The captain of an aircraft, whether based at the Aerodrome or visiting, who plans to use the Aerodrome outside of the hours when the control tower is operational shall obtain the express permission of Sywell Aerodrome prior to the intended flight, in accordance with published flight guides.

Note: the flight protocol does not override the legal duty placed upon the captain of an aircraft always to fly within the safe limits of the aircraft, having regard to his/her skill level, licence and the limitations imposed by weather.

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